Hydrogen Water

From air conditioning, pressures in life, food additives, smoking, drinking, ozone, car exhaust, irregular working hours and resting schedules, makeup, excessive caffeine intake… free radicals are everywhere!

So what can hydrogen-rich water do for you?

Our body is already 63% hydrogen. The proteins, fats and carbohydrates that make up our body contain hydrogen atoms. Hydrogen-rich water is a small molecule group of water making it easier to absorb, plus it is rich in activated carbon. So hydrogen water can easily enter the cells. Hydrogen is also present in 70% of our body’s water.

Alkaline Water Compared To Hydrogen Water

The benefits of hydrogen water go beyond those of alkaline water. Hydrogen water acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory, decreasing pro-inflammatory mediators while increasing the body’s production of anti-inflammatory mediators.

Hydrogen water also promotes natural energy. The quality of the body’s organs and even at a cellular level improves as well. Consuming hydrogen water also increases enzyme activity, increasing cellular energy levels simultaneously.

As an antioxidant, hydrogen water is also powerful. It diminishes free radicals, slowing down the aging process and decreasing the chance of a chronic disease impacting your life.

Oh, and did we mention the adverse side effects of adding hydrogen water to your diet? That’s right — because there are none. Incorporating hydrogen water into your lifestyle is only going to bring positivity into your life. And with so much evidence showing the benefits of hydrogen water, you only stand to gain as you sip from our pouches.

30 minutes to absorb Hydrogen Water

Environmental pollution and excessive toxicity of free radicals causes damage to the body’s tissues and cells. This leads to chronic problems and premature aging. Eliminate toxic free radicals, alleviate body aging & enhance physical fitness.

8 benefits of hydrogen-rich water

Lower your blood sugar, enjoy your sleep, relieve headaches, lower fatty liver, clean blood vessels, enhance physical fitness, drain toxins and help blood circulation.

Strengthen the constitution, promote blood circulation, eliminate nervous tension, help rheumatoid joints, prevent blood clots, increase skin elasticity & exhaust the body of harmful substances.

Portable Hydrogen Water Generator

This unit produces high concentrations of hydrogen-rich water with rapid electrolysis in just 3 minutes. Within 30 minutes of drinking, the hydrogen water has been completely absorbed into your body. It is made of stainless steel and food grade plastic with high quality borosilicate glass. The safe 1300 mAh lithium battery has long life and is charged using a micro usb universal cable. It fully charges within 3 to 3.5 hours through a usb interface on your computer or in a power outlet. It will facilitate about 15 cups of hydrogen-rich water before needing to be recharged.

Hydrogen-rich water generator

Hydrogen Rich Water Generator – 430 ml

  • Electrolysis technology promotes the stable combination of hydrogen and water, with high hydrogen concentration and good stability
  • Hydrogen-rich water can reduce toxic free radicals, thereby reducing human aging and enhancing immunity
  • The higher the mineral content in the water, the stronger the electrolysis effect and the higher the hydrogen content
  • Do not use electrolyte-free water, such as purified water, distilled water, etc.
  • The built-in sealing ring is made of food grade material to prevent leakage
  • The soft rubber bottom is anti-slip
  • A full charge takes about 3 hours and will facilitate about 15 cups of hydrogen-rich water
  • Suitable for all kinds of drinking water: tap water, mineral water, spring water, outdoor natural water, river water, etc.
  • Do not use electrolyte-free water, such as purified water, distilled water, etc.
  • 1.5L of water per day is equivalent to the antioxidant value of hundreds of fruits and vegetables

Purchase the Hydrogen Water Generator

Portable Hydrogen Rechargeable Water Generator


Material: Borosilicate Glass

Capacity: 450 ml

Battery: Lithium Ion

Includes: USB cable

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