Motivated by Sky High gas prices, Canada’s Original “Gas Buster” comes out of retirement

2022 – Rob Smith shares concern about the environment and desires to make a difference. In keeping with that theme, he has teamed up with several suppliers from around the world and multiple technologies of Hydrogen Hybrid products. The goal is to increase the range of gasoline and diesel powered cars and trucks to clean up the emissions and the insides of the engines. Smith says, “New cars are great but they are difficult due to space constraints. The price of conversion ALL IN is surprisingly inexpensive but the payback is huge, especially in our current climate.

“In 1999 we attacked the oil companies and criticized their profiteering and gouging on the weekends, baby boomers recall. We picketed, participated in radio and TV. We even got a bill in the Legislature, tabled by a Conservative (MPP Joe Tascona) controlled by a liberal government”. That’s when I retired, feeling like I had done the best we could have hoped for.

To be effective in this endeavour we need to scale. Millions of vehicles need to quit smoking. Our goal is to Franchise…… We will train mechanics all over Canada. We will light the fire.

Benefits of Hydrogen HHO


BulletExtend The Life Of Your Engine
BulletReduce Harmful Emissions
BulletCreates Hydrogen While You Drive
BulletSave Money On Vehicle Maintenance
BulletBoost Horsepower And Torque
BulletSave The Planet 1 Vehicle At A Time


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