Franchise Opportunities

In order to scale we will need lots of boots on the ground.  Eventually I would like to see tax credits and clean air grants.

In order to qualify we need a standard of quality and same technology throughout the organization.

We need lots of boots on the ground to make a difference in Canada and set an example for the rest of the world.

How does our franchise work exactly?

There is a modest fee to cover setup and training.  Cost is $10,000. (Plus Hst)   Included is one vehicle converted and that would be your demo unit used to make sales.  The vehicle must be running properly as H2H is not engine repair but rather engine enhancement. Burning hydrogen cleans out the unburned fuel deposits that age your engine.  It burns Clean and Fast…. helps gasoline to burn more completely.  It lowers the needs for Hi octane gas.  The chip we use adjusts the timing and oxygen flow. Hydrogen Hybrid cleans up emissions because it assists gas to burn more completely.  Engines run quieter and of course mileage improves as conditions improve for your cars.

A web site similar to ours linked to your company will be provided.

Ongoing fees will be 5% royalty on all sales.   Using our bulk buying power, all components will be purchased through us and paid to us.  We will mark up 10% on our cost (overhead). You will need to register for HST before annual sales exceed $30k.   Sales inquires received by us or forwarded to us from another franchisee through social media will be forwarded to the nearest dealer .  Any inquiries you get but cannot install should be forwarded to us.  A lead generation referral fee ($25) will be credited to your account once installed. Conversely, leads sent to you will be invoiced upon completion ($25) this fee goes to the lead generator and keeps the sales people motivated.  Quid pro quo.

Training will be provided in person where possible.   There will be several training videos in the members only section.  These are for support, refreshing and can be used to assist in the actual training especially for those who live 1000 miles away.

Generic order forms will be provided and reproduced as needed.  Signage artwork for trade shows signs will be provided at no charge.

Flyers will be provided for trade shows and distribution wherever that refers to your business and billed to you same as product.   You may not purchase main components and sub them into production.  There are many reasons for this.  Things like hoa, wire, connectors, distilled water, assorted brackets, self tapping screws etc. may be purchased anywhere.